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The Village of Horsefly

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Tucked away in the heart of the Cariboo, sits the quiet little village of Horsefly, BC. While virtually unknown to most, those who have had the good fortune to call it home are unlikely to forget the pristine beauty and tranquility this community offers.

From 1859, when the quest for gold brought the first settlers to present day, when metropolitan stress brings the last, Horsefly remains a refuge from a very complicated world.

Picture of Niagara Falls, Quesnel Lake, BCFor the population of less than 1000 residents, Horsefly is a greatly respected wilderness treasure. Their lives, employment and social activities interact peacefully with the environment. No person respects and protects the bounty that provides our homes and our livelihoods greater than the local resident who exists within it.

Horsefly is host to over 200 local businesses and organizations. For the most part, facilities are owned and supported by the organizations and volunteers who work on the community's behalf. The community's fierce independence and quest for self-sufficiency allows for very little in the way of government support and subsidy. The residents take pride in looking after their own.

The community of Horsefly is located at 52.3313° N, 121.4075° W. In layman's terms, the village is 50 kms Northeast of 150 Mile House from where the junction of the Cariboo Highway and Horsefly Road intersect. The nearest center of commerce is the Hub City of the Cariboo, Williams Lake, BC.

Horsefly whole-heartedly welcomes both visitors and potential residents to the community. For further information on the Village of Horsefly, please email the Horsefly Board of Trade or telephone (250) 620-3440.