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Arrowline Shake/Shingle System Product Specifications
General Characteristics ArrowLine Steel Shingle-Shake is intended for roof and sidewall installation on residential or commercial exterior applications in new construction and remodeling over proper underlayments.

Material Specifications - Metal

Paint finish (Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000) and texture fabricated from G-90 galvanized steel coil, with both sides zinc-coated by the continuous hot dipped galvanized method. Metal thickness shall be nominal 30 gauge with G-90 galvanize. Tensile Strength (PSI) – 62,0001 Yield Strength (PSI) – 50,0001
Material Specifications -
Metal Accessories

ArrowLine Shingle-Shake accessories shall be coated with PVDF
Fluoropolymer finish. Texture fabricated with vel-vet embossing
from G-90 galvanized steel coil with both sides zinc coated by
continuous hot dip galvanized method.

Metal thickness shall be nominal 28 gauge with G-90 galvanize.
Tensile Strength (PSI) – 62,000 1
Yield Strength (PSI) – 50,000 1
All accessories shall be color matched unless otherwise specified.

Manufacturer’s guarantee is not valid unless ArrowLine accessories,
where applicable to the job, are used and installation instructions,
sheet metal practices and recommendations are followed.

  Accessories are packaged as required.
Material Specifications -
Metal Shingle and Valley Clip
ArrowLine Shingle and Valley Clips are manufactured from G-90
galvanized steel coil. Metal thickness shall be nominal 26 gauge.
All material conforms to ASTM A653 / A653M - 99a layer system image
Material Specifications -
ArrowLine Shingle-Shake shall be furnished in lengths with
50” x 12” exposure and have a 4-way interlocking system to be
fastened with shingle clips (min. 4 per shingle) and applied with
recommended fasteners. Shingle-Shakes are packaged 12 per
carton and consist of 50 square feet and weigh 35 pounds.
Material Specifications -

ArrowLine Shingle-Shake system shall be in accordance with
manufacturing specifications including:

Paint preparation: Both sides chemically cleaned with an Alkaline
“Parco 338W” cleaner.
Dry in place chrome conversion with “Bonderite
1402W” applied both sides.

Paint system: Prime coat – AKZO Nobel coatings “Trinar
Primer” polyester corrosion resistant primer.
Top coat – AKZO Nobel Architectural coating
“Trinar Finish” PVDF Fluoropolymer Finish (Kynar
500 or Hylar 5000)
Back coat – AKZO Nobel coatings corrosion
resisting backer.

Warranty ArrowLine shall provide a lifetime non-prorated limited warranty
(50 year transferred), hail protection and 20 year fade protection
(not to exceed 5 Delta E units). Refer to actual warranty for more
ArrowLine Shingle-Shake System, as described herein, conforms to current ASTM requirements and meets specification of BOCA,SBCCI and IBCO AC 07 Penetration Resistance, FM 4470 Hail damage/ Foot traffic and UL 1897 Uplift Resistance (Clips fastened with nails @ 45 PSF = 116 MPH true wind velocity. Clips fastened with screws @ 85 psf = 160 MPH true wind velocity)