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Metro Accessories - World Class Design

SMART Roofs for Smart People™ — Metro offers a full line of SMART accessories that are easy to install yet functional, blending perfectly with a Metro roof.


SMARTjack and SMARTsleeve: Integrated flashing system for vent pipe.

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Use a Metro Smartjack on your standarad pipe penetrations.

Use a Metro SMARTjack on your standard pipe penetrations and ensure a long-life weathertight finish.

Metro SMARTsleeve fully encapsulates the pipe, for a look that blends perfectly with the surrounding roof and you can really make your installations shine.


smart vent imageSMARTvents
: The World's first fully integrated ventilator panel.

SMARTvents create a single, functional unit that integrates perfectly with the surrounding roof panels, eliminating labor-intensive flashing details.

Metro SMARTvents are available for all Metro panel profiles incorporating baffled attic ventilation and are made from the same longlife steel and stone-coating as Metro panels.


vbat and bird riser image

Metro’s SMART design Shingle & Shake RAKE Channel and Locator-Lip

This ’locking-lip’ design is also on the new series of Panel Riser metals that is most noticeable on Metro Roman Tile installs at the fascia.



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