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Edco Arrowline - The Forever Roof


This article has been modified from the video dialogue for written clarity only.

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Dialogue: Peter Mann, Edco Steel Roofs

Hi, I’m David Mann. Today we’re at a beautiful contemporary home in Minnetonka, Minnesota to tell you about Edco products and their Arrowline Steel Roof.


Water Damage imageThis home had hail damage on the existing cedar roof and rather than replace the roof with cedar, the homeowner researched steel roofs online and found Edco’s website. He loved the idea of steel knowing that he’d never have to replace it.  He opted for the Edco Arrowline enhanced slate steel roof.

Many homeowners are choosing metal roofing materials for their roofing projects (as they are) outweighing and outperforming cedar and asphalt shingles. Edco’s philosophy is you’ll never have to worry about replacing a steel roof. It will last forever.

Interlock System imageOther materials may experience fading, cracking, weather damage, moss growth or mildew. Not the case with Edco steel roofs. They are flame retardant and withstand the harshest weather conditions in any climate, hot or cold and Arrowline’s hidden fastener system and four way interlocking panels have been tested in excess of 160 mile per hour wind speeds.

Cedar Shingle imageCheck out this old cedar shingle from this house. This is typical of what you’d find on any old roof. It goes without saying  that with a steel roof, you’ll never have to re-roof again.

Edco’s Arrowline steel roofing comes in a shake and slate design that add curb appeal and re-sale value to your home. It’s coated with a deluxe Kynar 500 finish that is very durable and is recommended by architects and contractors because of it’s superior color retention characteristics. Arrowline Metal Roofing is available in 16 standard and 7 enhanced colors depending on the panel you choose. Arrowline panels are versatile and can be used in sidewall or accent applications as well as roofing.

 Color Sample imageAll of Edco’s metal roofs carry a lifetime limited non-prorated warranty with hail and fade protection and it’s transferable. Edco products have been manufacturing quality exterior building products since 1946. Talk about peace of mind.

Check out and you’ll see a gallery of amazing jobs that have been done using Edco’s products. Edco’s steel roofs are a thing of the future. It truly is the forever roof, lasting generations.

See you next time.

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